5 More Dragon Ball Z Games That Don't Exist, but Should

Yesterday I read a wonderful blog post by Jordan Mallory on Fanbyte that discusses 5 potential video games based around the world of Dragon Ball that all sounded wonderful. Rather than bombarding the comment section with a long ass gushing paragraph detailing my thoughts and further suggestions, I decided to that it would be a good exercise to just make a list of my own!

So here are 5 more Dragon Ball themed games that do not exist, but I would be very happy to see come alive in some sort of miracle that only Mr. Satan could provide.

Saiyan Chef Brigade Z


I know that Jordan already had a cooking based game on their list relating to cooking food for the great lord Beerus, but honestly this is the only blatant rip-off that I am willing to stand by. Given the success of 2017’s Battle Chef Brigade, I thought it would be an excellent idea to use that as a base for a combat/cooking hybrid game.

With all the dinosaurs, giant animals, and destructive landscapes that plague the Earth, it will take more than the average human to create a fabulous feast for a god of destruction, let alone a proud saiyan warrior. Players will be able to control a variety of Dragon Ball characters to help collect and harvest food from a variety of wildlife and animals and send them over to Bulma or Chi-Chi to prepare.

My big twist when it comes to the cooking segment is that instead of being based around Battle Chef Brigade, it instead becomes Puzzle Fighter. Other chefs seek to use your ingredients to create food for nefarious purposes including Dinah - the head chef of Lord Frieza!!!!

Fun Time Bingo!

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 5.07.32 PM.png

Bingo! It’s the Freiza Saga of games played in churches, retirement homes, and birthday parties. It’s also the brand new Dragon Ball phone game headed to YOUR phone. That’s right! You can play bingo anywhere, all in the palm of your hand. But here’s the thing…


Now that HQ is no longer the fad it once was, it’s time for the Prince of all Saiyans to become the Prince of your free time. Twice a day you can watch Bingo start with Vegeta’s incredible singing and dancing talent that amazed everyone during Battle of Gods. Those who get a BINGO can potentially win some big money!

But be careful, call Bingo too soon, and your account just might get a taste of a Final Flash into oblivion

Chi-Chi Hid My Gi!


OH NO! Chi-Chi has hidden Goku’s training gear and demands he go to work instead. Based on the popular Mom HId My Game series, Dragon Ball will take things even further beyond with Goku searching around his home desprately for his Gi.

With over 100 levels, Goku will need to use his wits (or ask King Kai for at least 3 hints) to figure out where Chi-Chi hid it this time. Should he check under the house? Is it hiding inside his Sensu Bean bag? And just what is Bubbles the monkey doing just standing around?

But Goku better be careful, if he accidently gets Chi-Chi to notice him slacking off by clicking on her…. GAME OVER!

Leisure Suit Roshi


While there are a multitude of bachelors out there in the world of Dragon Ball, Roshi is definitely the most pathetic and at times kinda a bad guy when he’s around ladies. But what happens while Roshi isn’t on screen when the world is not in the process of being blown up? Is he just sitting on the island the whole time, or does he actually try to go out to Satan City to hook up a date?

These answers would be revealed in this adventure game, where you play as Master Roshi traveling around the world for a kiss. Point and click your way out of danger when you are not given a variety of bad dialogue options for every conversation. But be warned, a game over will occur if Master Roshi expels too much blood from his nose (aka never get TOO horny!)

Along the way Roshi will also encounter fellow bachelors like Yamcha, who will attempt to steal away the ladies. Be sure to mash that kamehameha button to fly them away.

Sonic Adventure 3

Wait a minute…… that’s NOT GOKU!!!!

Get this outta here!


So I guess I only had 4 Dragon Ball-esque games in my mind. Oh well! Hope you enjoyed looking at these bundles of joy. Even if none of these come to fruition, at the very least I can appreciate that Goku got to be on TV as a big ass balloon during Thanksgiving. That’s all good with me.