Jack Writes (For Once)

It feels strange to be doing this again. This is the third time right? Making another introduction blog post as to what I'm up to and why I decided to blog from a different site. It seems counterproductive to the point of a blog, but I felt like my life had changed to a point that continuing to use the medium platform was no longer fitting for me.

Or maybe it was listening to 3 dozen podcasts advertising Squarespace enough to convince me that I needed a website of my own too. Yeah that sounds more accurate.

But if this is your first time visiting a blog of mine, then ignore absolutely everything I just typed and pretend the beginning of the post begins in the next segment.

I have become obsessed with learning multiple toolsets at the same time, whether its writing, video editing, photography, and even podcasting. Rather than simply advertise each individual talent face to face or on whatever social media I'm still using, I felt it was appropriate to try to showcase what I'm currently juggling.

However, I still want to showcase my writing on here. There may be a time where I repost older blog posts from the last site I was invested in, but expect new content for now. As for what I will be writing about, it matches with the title as well. It's "everything" I'm invested in. That could mean talking about whatever piece of media I watch/listen/read/play, or maybe talking about a recent political event that I can't shut up about. Whatever makes my fingers ready to explode on a keyboard, I want it on here.

But my time on this site will not be focused just on writing. Photography has grown into a larger passion of mine this year to the point that I feel its necessary to share my photos on here as well. I cannot promise that I will make a blog post every day, but I do want to push myself to publish at least one new photograph every day to showcase my progress.

Podcasting is yet another world I have submerged into, as I not only run one, Drunk Game Retellings (Drunk History but instead it's trying to explain a video game plot), I also have plans to start another. There have also been times where I have been a guest on podcasts run by my friends, and I want to provide a link to them as well. Essentially I want to advertise my audio projects and guest appearances while also providing the chance for interested parties to be a guest on my show(s) if they are interested.

These are the basic essentials of what to expect from here. I can only hope that by paying to host this time that I can avoid my personal paradox of creating and abandoning webzones after a few months. Until then, enjoy everything!