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Drunk Game Retellings [ On Hiatus] 

The New Logo to Drunk Game Retellings brought to you by @Waffleman_ on Twitter

The New Logo to Drunk Game Retellings brought to you by @Waffleman_ on Twitter

Drunk Game Retellings is a podcast where people try to retell a video game plot while intoxicated. Inspired by Drunk History and Drunk Metal Gear History (By Chip & Ironicus)

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Any friend interested in being on the show can reach out to one of the links attached below or to me personally if we are mutuals on facebook or twitter.

Twitter: @DrunkGameRetell
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLl3fAI5ZQXViOVG8fFlERA
Email: drunkgameretellings@gmail.com


Guest Roles on Podcasts


Fun Time Calls

fun time calls jpg.jpg

Fun Time Calls is a show that I technically co-host but is mainly run by my friend Jordan Hass since 2018. It features myself, Jordan, and our friend Ian talking about whatever we want essentially. It’s basically a recording of our wacky discord calls that tend to get pretty wacky at times.

You can find the show on just about every podcast app, but Anchor is the primary one it is hosted on.

Follow Jordan at @jordha on Twitter


Game Studies Study Buddies

Screenshot_2019-01-08 Game Studies Study Buddies.png

Game Studies Study Buddies is a show discussing an analyzing different Game Theory texts each episode with hosts Cameron Kunzelman and Michael Lutz. For such a smart show, my contribution in comparison is quite silly. Cameron reached out to me and allowed me perform my impression of Revolver Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain while reading a segment from that episode’s text.

The Show is also part of the Ranged Touch channel, which features other cool projects like Mages & Murderdads, a podcast/video series about the Baulder’s Gate Games.

You can follow Cameron at @ckunzelman on twitter
You can follow Michael at @WarrenisDead on twitter
Ranged Touch has a Youtube Channel that can be followed here



Garglebox was a podcast run by my friend Jordan from 2015-17. It was essentially a panel show where Jordan would reveal ten topics from the "Garglebox" that his guests would have to rank from 1-10 during each episode. I was only on the show in 2016, but I still recommend going through the show anyway. It was a fun show to be a part of.

You can find the show on iTunes and Youtube
Follow Jordan at @jordha on Twitter


Game & Read


Game & Read was a tag team show hosted by my friends Peter and Erin. The podcast was a spinoff of a youtube show by the same name, where Peter and Erin pair a book and a video game together to compare and contrast them based on their setting, themes, characters, etc. I have had both of them on Drunk Game Retellings before and have had the honor of being on their podcast as well. The two also run a blog site as well discussing their thoughts on current book and game news.


You can find their podcast on iTunes
Blog: https://gameandread.com/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4NYBoOvfXwfe6JkRKnhWuQ